Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Business Case: One of the Top 3 Security Software Vendors Increases First Contact Resolution (FCR) in the Contact Center with the Help of a Virtual Agent.

One of the world leaders in security software has experienced major success by empowering call center staff with a Virtual Agent. The initial goal was to reduce Tier 1 escalation by 35%. After implementing a Virtual Agent, the average FCR rate is currently estimated at 50% across all products, exceeding their goal by 15% . This Virtual Agent is being used as the primary tool for resolving customer issues by an entry level support team. By utilizing the Virtual Agent in the Call Center the company has benefited by
  1. Reducing average handle time (AHT)
  2. Reducing training time for agents working in the Call Center
  3.  Improving consistency all around

This proves that having an interactive and diagnostic Virtual Agent  that can be accessible by entry level Call Center agents will decrease the time to resolution in the call center, while reducing costs. It also provides a better experience for the customer because of the fast and consistent interactions. I think we can all agree that in a customer-centric world, it is important to provide the end user with a memorable and pleasant encounter to keep them coming back for more.