Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Do Your Customers Want a Virtual Agent? Why Don’t You Ask Them?

Happy Throwback Thursday all!

This past Tuesday we shared a blog on leveraging social media to promote self-service tools (i.e. Virtual Agents) and how it can increase usage, and in turn save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Click here to read the entire blog.  For Throwback Thursday, we wanted to share another example of a leading PC manufacturer for gaming systems, quickly tweeting and engaging their audience about their self-service tool.

Staying connected through social media is one of the most popular methods to communicate in today’s market. This company is not only using social media to promote the use of their VA, but also asking end users for their feedback to enhance the experience. After all, understanding what the customer will use for support is critical in promoting self-service.

This is another idea to inform and engage consumers to utilize self-service options.

This company used a community forum page as another way for customers to voice their opinions. Instead of simply using the forum to answer support questions, they encouraged people to try out their VA to find answers and provide feedback on how they liked it or what could be done to improve it. It was a great way to start interactions with their customers and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Social media channels have been around for a while, and are becoming invaluable tools for businesses. Listening to your audience about products/services allows your company to get closer to the voice of the customer. I’ll leave you with this quote from Bill Gates,

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Cheers!