Friday, February 14, 2014

Top Reasons to Show Virtual Agents Some Love: #VirtualAgentLove

A support site without a Virtual Agent (VA) is like going to Disneyland and not seeing Mickey Mouse; the two simply go hand-in-hand. VA’s are gaining popularity in the market, and in light of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with you a few reasons why you should show VA’s some love this year. 

1. Virtual Agents reduce support costs
In many cases, the use of a VA has cut incident rates in half, thus saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. 

2. Predictions are positive for Virtual Agents to be the next big technology trend
According to a top analyst firm, the future for IT organization’s strategies includes VA’s. Staying ahead of the curve is going to save companies money and give them the edge to surpass their competitors. Fortune 500 companies are agreeing with this trend. Microsoft is expected to launch Windows Phone 8.1 with a personal Virtual Assistant programmed into it (Meet Microsoft’s Virtual Personal Assistant) and IBM has invested over $1B on a new business unit for the super computer, Watson (IBM to invest $1 Billion to Create New Business Unit for Watson). 

3. Virtual Agents eliminate long “hold” times for customers
Consumers expect a speedy response to their problems. VA’s give the power to the consumer to find the answer to their problem on their own time. Call Center agents can also utilize a VA to reduce Average Handle Time and get to more customers, faster. 

4. Virtual Agents make for happier customers
All companies rely on happy customers to make a profit. Implementing a VA has been proven to put brands at the top of their industry in customer satisfaction. 

5. Virtual Agents have the ability to be a butler or central hub for multiple Virtual Agents to connect to one another
The Internet of Everything is coming to fruition. Applications are being used to control smart machines connected to the Internet. But what happens when you have too many devices/applications to manage? It is hard to take full advantage of what each device has to offer if you don’t know what to do. Leveraging a VA as a “butler”, where you can control all your connected devices from a single user interface (UI) will help simplify your future. Find out more about noHold Connect by clicking here. 

There is an endless list of reasons to fall in love with them. VA’s continue to impress me with all their features and how they progressively enhance over time. Be sure to share with us all the reasons you love Virtual Agents! I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day, as well as a great weekend.