Monday, March 24, 2014

Advancing From Virtual Worlds to Virtual Realities: A Completely Interactive Experience

     The high tech industries involved in creating virtual realities are gaining momentum in a big way. The latest progress in virtual realities comes from Sony's announcement of their initiative "Project Morpheus", a gaming headset for the Playstation™ 4. This fully immersive virtual reality takes gamers on an interactive experience where they actually feel apart of the video game. Check out the clip below for more information on the prototype of Project Morpheus. Although virtual realities are becoming popular in the gaming community, they are not only for video games. Dr. Richard Marks, of Sony's Research and Development department stated, "Virtual Reality will becoming the 'preferred medium' and will even extend beyond games to other industries."  

     Similar to the blog I wrote about virtual worlds, Throwback Thursday: Then and Now: Lenovo's eLounge vs. Disney's "Avatar Land", Lenovo created an interactive experience for online shoppers circa 2009. This eLounge was created to give customer a unique "trip" when shopping online. Consumers can get information on the products they are interested in  buying or they can share their experiences with other avatars (online shoppers from all over the world). 

     We have come a long way since 2009. Instead of just interacting with a virtual world, we are able to totally immerse ourselves in a virtual reality, not just for gaming, but also for eCommerce, customer service, and more. What do you think the about virtual realities? Will immersive experiences become the norm for all Internet/Online related interaction?