Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Most Commonly Used and Most Effective Virtual Agent Solutions

As we've mentioned in the past, metrics are an important aspect of a Virtual Agent (VA). Virtual Agents automatically capture actionable customer intelligence based on each interaction, and powerful administrative tools allow your company to create custom reports on the usage of the Virtual Agent based on organizational needs. Trusted brands use the metrics to report on things such as effectiveness, escalation, abandonment, completion, and more. In addition, noHold provides clients with a monthly value card as an added bonus from the Professional Services team with great recommendations, best practices, additional metrics, etc.

One category provided in these values cards is the top 5 most commonly used solutions and the top 5 most effective solutions. Here is a snapshot of the most commonly used solutions for one of the leaders in the PC/Consumer Electronics industry. 

For one line of products (Product X), the top 5 most commonly used solutions were: 
  1. Drivers and software
  2. Install drivers manually
  3. You want to update drivers and applications using "Product X" System Update
  4. Windows support
  5. Get a Product Recovery CD or DVD
For that same line of products, the top 5 most effective solutions were:
  1. Install drivers manually
  2. Download SM Bus Controller
  3. Drivers and software
  4. You want to update drivers and applications using "Product X" System Update
  5. Get a Product Recovery CD or DVD
The most commonly used solutions and the most effective solutions might sound similar, but there is an important distinction between the two and a good reason for listing both. Most commonly used solutions can be defined in exactly the same way they are interpreted; these are the solutions that the end customer uses most frequently. The most effective solutions are the solutions that users rate as very helpful for solving their problem. Effective solutions are important to note because they allow you to learn from your customers as to what works best and can be used as a guide for improving the solutions provided by the Virtual Agent. For example, a solution can make the most commonly used list, but not the most effective list. This could be an indicator that your customers are asking this same question, but aren't finding the solution very helpful. Your company can take this information and adjust the Virtual Agent accordingly to better suit customers needs. 

The demand for excellent customer service is high; it can make or break a business. Using reporting tools to learn more about your consumers is a proven effective way to increase customer satisfaction.