Monday, May 12, 2014

Self-Driving Cars...The Future is Near

Since Google's announcement of its self-driving car project (circa 2010), it is continuing to be an ongoing effort from the Google team to perfect this technology. Since noHold is located so close to Mountain View, California, we sometimes see Google's "driverless cars" on the streets. 

The video above shows you the latest progresses being made from the test drivers and engineers at Google. The autonomous car can now account for many unique scenarios. For example, navigating through construction zones, yielding to bicyclists, and passing railroad crossings.

It is still unsure of when these self driving cars will be available for purchase. Experts in the automotive industry suggest that the technology for autonomous cars will not be ready till 2020, but it looks like Google might make it happen sooner than expected (When Can We Buy Google's Self-Driving Car).

Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Virtual Agent increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and captures actionable intelligence. When the software in your car gets ‘smarter’, what kinds of benefits do you hope to see? Do you think the smart software will reduce costs related to accidents, traffic violations, etc?