Friday, May 9, 2014

Project POTPAL, the First Robot DJ to Hit the Stage

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It looks like robotics are becoming more widespread, being used throughout multiple aspects of different industries. Check out the photo above, a robot is actually taking the place of a DJ at a nightclub. "Austin, TX club 'Fame' is set to make history with the first ever robot DJ 'employed' by a nightclub, replacing the usual resident DJ's and doing a 'better job.' Texas based independent programmers and robotics technology experts (not music experts) created the robotic phenomenon (named “Project POTPAL”)..."(Robot DJ Used by Nightclub Replaces Resident DJ). 

Depending on how successful the robot can be, major night clubs all around the world might follow suit and utilize Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to engage their audience and analyze camera data to ultimately increase profits by playing certain songs that make people want to stop dancing and go to the bar.

What's your opinion on robotic DJ's? Do we need that human energy, or will a robot be able to replicate that experience?