Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Dentist Move from Old-Fashion Painkillers to New-Aged Virtual Realities

I recently came across an article from Yahoo! Tech (Instead of Painkillers, Dentists May Soon Just Plunge You into a Virtual Reality) and found that virtual realities have been proving to be for more than just gaming. These headsets that immerse you into another world are appearing in your neighborhood dentist office? Yes, that is right, the dentist office! According to Tara Long of Discovery News, studies are being done on using virtual realities to alleviate dental pain. Check out the video below for the whole scoop. 

Video Source: Yahoo! Tech

Before the presence of immersive technology, painkillers/ anesthesia were the only way to reduce some of the pain from dental procedures. Now, the future of this technology is looking to replace modern medicine. What is your opinion on virtual realities used inside the dentist office? Is it all just a hoax or does the distraction and immersive elements of virtual realities really make you not feel the pain?