Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leveraging a Virtual Agent to Cross-Sell Within the Right Context

While shopping online,do you ever become annoyed of all the irrelevant suggestions about different products and/or services a company throws at you? I know I have, and most of the time, it can ruin my overall shopping experience. Good news is, companies don’t have to be overly pushy to up-sell new products or services. A few weeks ago, we shared how a leader in the consumer electronics industry leveraged their Virtual Agent to increase support AND service revenue. Instead of marketing irrelevant upgrades and features to consumers, the company used the Virtual Agent to suggest appropriate items, at the appropriate times. By doing so, it gives users a more personalized experience, and comes across as more of a helpful hand than a pushy sales tactic.

Industry leaders are recognizing the need to provide answers to pre-sales questions. Take for example the launch of Windows 8. Leading PC companies were getting an overwhelming number of questions regarded this new Operating System, one of the top questions being as basic as, “Where is the start button?” Making sure consumers understand the product before it is launched, is just as important as supporting it.  

Another example, imagine you are a student, looking for a new laptop for school that also meets the needs for your new internship. You take a look on Amazon, but you are not sure which laptop has the right features for you. Leveraging a Virtual Agent can streamline the process of finding the laptop that best meets your need, and also suggest relevant add-ons based on the context of the conversation. For example, you type in that a lot of memory is important for you. The Virtual Agent can give you laptop options that fits your criteria, offer upgrades to enhance your needs (extra memory), and automatically put those items in your shopping cart for you. A Virtual Agent can help with all aspects of the customer journey; pre-sale, purchasing, and support. 

Do you agree that more emphasis should be put on selling new products/ upgraded features to consumers in the right context? How does your company increase service revenue?