Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Virtual Agent Tips and Tricks: Sharing Coupons, Promotions, and Hot Offers for Virtual Agent Users

We’ve mentioned before how Virtual Agents can educate, provide advice and offer opportunities to purchase complimentary products and services (cross-sell). Empowering your audience with self-service via a conversational Virtual Agent has proven to increase sales in stores, online, and in the Call Center.

Other benefits include:


Throughout the years, we have learned best practices to get the most out of your Virtual Agent. One of those best practices is to share coupons, promotions, or ‘hot offers’ through your Virtual Agent. The Virtual Agent uses logical reasoning and determines the appropriate promotion or coupon to encourage users to buy the product. Using limited-time coupons entices people to make the purchase right then and there as opposed to waiting for a better deal. This way, the company wins by locking in the sale, and the customer is happy from their great experience.

Here is an example of the Virtual Agent encouraging the user to buy the product with a coupon:

If you were on the fence about a product, would offering a limited time coupon sway you to buy it? What other self-service methods encourage online shoppers to make a purchase, instead of abandoning cart?