Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Call Center Virtual Agent is Reaching Ratings of 91% Effectiveness

Recently, a long-time, valued customer of noHold chose to broaden their self-service options and implement a Call Center Virtual Agent into another one of their Call Centers, over seas.  Within the first few weeks that it has been live, it is already receiving a 91% effectiveness rating. (Effectiveness is measured in terms of if the user voted the solution to be very helpful or not.)  They are getting great use out of their Virtual Agent and are benefiting from the advantages the Virtual Agent has to offer. 

Does your company use outsourced Call Centers? Also, how do you train your agents to be knowledgeable and efficient all at the same time?

I'll leave you with this business case about a leading security software provider surpassing their own expectations of reducing Average Handle Time (AHT), churn, and second tier escalation by adding a Virtual Agent in their Call Center.