Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: How Important is Having a Multilingual e-Service Strategy?

In light of Throwback Thursday, I found a noHold blog from 2011 titled, 'Is your e-Service Strategy Multilingual? 72.7% of Internet Users say it should be...' Now, three years later, more and more companies are realizing the importance of having a multilingual strategy, and putting those plans into action.

Recently, a client of noHold, one of the World's leading, multinational computer technology company, launched another version of their Virtual German! To become a global success, the need to appeal to people all over the World is a necessity. If not, you are excluding a large population of potential consumers that you can be marketing to. I'll leave you with this statistic that further validates the need for companies to have multilingual strategies for not only sales, but support as well.

"...85 percent of Internet users do not make important purchasing decisions unless product descriptions are in the language they speak, according to Common Sense Advisory, an analyst firm specializing in translation services. And visitors stay twice as long on sites in their native languages, according to Forrester Research" (Content Translation Speak the Language of ROI).

What is your company doing to accommodate to your non-English speaking consumers?