Monday, August 18, 2014

Traveling All the Way From Italy to the Silicon Valley, noHold Welcomes Interns for a Month

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

To start off this week, I wanted to share some insider news about what's going on inside the office of noHold...

At the beginning of August, we had the pleasure of welcoming 5 bright, young interns to join the noHold team. Four of the five students traveled all the way from universities in Europe and the other came straight from the Silicon Valley, here in California.

They each come from different walks of life and have a unique perspective on the world. This gives them the ultimate advantage in the up-and-coming tech industry. Let me tell you a little bit about each of them. 

Asraful Islam: Originally from Bangladesh, but is now working on his Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Bolzano (ITA). Some of his hobbies include table tennis and soccer. With a passion to travel the world, Asraful has experience studying within multiple different cultures.

Stefano Masserini: Stefano was born in a small town in Italy called Bergamo. He is currently in his third year at the Free University of Bolzano and is expected to graduate next year. One of his hobbies includes freestyle skiing, a hobby that has given him great opportunities in the field of marketing, working with companies such as Spiagames and Redbull.    

Eleonora Marzadro: Born in Rovereto, Italy, Eleonora attended a high school that focused on the arts (graphic design, photography, etc.). After many courses and a great job opportunity as a graphic designer, she decided to get her degree in Design and Arts. With a knack for photography and HTML, she is a great asset to noHold.   
Victor Gobbo: Coming from a small village in Italy called Perca, he is looking forward to continuing his studies in International Economy at the WU-Vienna University, one of the most prestigious universities in Austria. On his free time, he enjoys sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding.   

Brandon Liu: Just starting high school, Brandon is one of the youngest interns here at noHold. He is the son of one of our experienced engineers here at noHold.   

As students, they will be here up until the end of August (a total of one month) and with their time here, they will be creating their own Virtual Agent. As a team, they will go through all the steps involved in creating a Virtual Agent; from creating and organizing content to marketing strategies to promote the Virtual Agent. At the end of the month, they will have the opportunity to present what they have completed to our team at noHold (the board)!       

Here is a picture of our talented interns.
From left to right: Brandon Liu, Victor Gobbo, Stefano Masserini, Eleonora Marzadro, Asraful Islam

Throughout the rest of the month, stay tuned for updates on their experience. 

I'll leave you with a quote that our intern Eleonora shared with me that relates to their experience, and the importance of embracing new challenges and all the positive that can come from that. "I once read, 'Become friends with people who aren't your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn't the same as yours. get to know someone who doesn't come from your social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow.' That's why I travel and I try to put myself out of my comfort zone as much as I can!"