Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Benefits of a Virtual Agent for BPOs

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Outsourcing is not a new paradigm; in fact, many well-known and trusted brands leverage BPO vendors to successfully manage customer support, service, sales and more. 

In order to drive productivity and efficiency, companies turn to BPOs. According to the infographic from INFINIT-O on the left, companies are increasing the amount they spend on outsourcing, while in-house spending is remaining relatively constant. 

Leading analyst firms agree that Virtual Agents play an important role in a successful customer interaction, which bleeds into integration in the services that BPOs provide. Automation, profitability, and scalability are just a few of the challenges that Business Process Outsourcers face. And in a new era of smart machines, Virtual Agents offer a competitive advantage. 

Here are just a few use cases for adding a Virtual Agent to the BPO's existing portfolio of services:

1. Increase revenue by adding disruptive new offerings. 
BPO companies can offer their customers the Virtual Agent to provide a scalable solution that will continue to work as the company grows. The Virtual Agent can also be used to increase conversion rates and generate more leads by suggesting products or services in the appropriate context. BPO companies can also offer the Virtual Agent during peak seasons such as seasonal demand, new product offerings, or even natural calamities. 
By offering the Virtual Agent, BPO companies increase revenue, while providing their customers with the best services for their needs, when they need it.     

2. Increase efficiency at Call Center (lower AHT and training time).
By implementing a Virtual Agent, Contact Center Agents can ask the VA questions while on the phone with customers, follow business guidelines and procedures easily, and can rely on a single repository of information for correct and consistent answers.

3. Provide a competitive strategic advantage.
Leading analyst firm predicts that BPOs must adopt 'automation' to achieve non-linear growth. 

Whether a company adds a Virtual Agent to the existing in-house Contact Center, positions it on the Website as a self-service option, or your BPO vendor provides one for Contact Center Agents, it is a a cost-effective way to provide the end user with the new standard for customer service. 

What do you think about the future of the Contact Center? Do you see Virtual Agents empowering the Contact Center (either outsourced or in-house)?