Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Virtual Agent Tips and Tricks: Virtual Agents For Your Community Forum

Photo Credit: business-software.com
This week's Tuesday tip: Virtual Agents are a great asset to social media pages, community forums, or blogs.

Community forums are a typical form of support for many companies. It is a simple, and collaborative way to find answers to questions. One way to amplify these forums is by implementing a Virtual Agent that can live on the page and act as either a virtual moderator or simply 'sit' on the sidelines as a brand expert. A virtual moderator works as an active force to answer questions posted on the forum. If the Virtual Agent can answer a question with a high degree of certainty, it will post the answer automatically. The other option is to have the Virtual host as an additional resource to the community forum. Instead of users posting a question and waiting for a human response, they can ask the Virtual Agent first. By doing so, they can get an immediate answer. 

Virtual Agents can extend across Social Media (i.e. Facebook, etc). Many companies leverage Virtual Agents on social media for more than just answering support questions, though. The Virtual Agent allows your audience to access your knowledge base for information on products, services, deals, and events. As you can see, the Virtual Agent can do more than just provide excellent support, it can help create an entire experience. 

Social media is increasingly becoming one of the most popular channels your customers are going to for all their needs. Is your company staying connected? How does your company manage unanswered forum posts?