Monday, September 22, 2014

Virtual Agents Help Fight The Flu Season

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I wanted to start off this week by addressing all the coughing, sniffling, and sneezing you have been hearing around lately. School started back up, seasons changed... and the dreaded flu season sneaks up on us again. Here is a short video from CNN's YouTube channel with some Do's and Don'ts for the flu season. 

During these peak seasons, an influx in call volume pours into the call center; including companies in the health care industry. "Should I get a flu shot?" "Where can I get a flu shot nearest to me?" "My young child has the flu, what should I do?" These are all typical questions that get asked during these times that can cause a lot of congestion in the call centers. Utilizing automated self-service, such as a Virtual Agent, allows patients to get answers to their questions quick and easy. Not only is it easier for patients, but it also benefits call center agents, who now have more time to answer complex questions that require human intervention.    

noHold has customers that come from a wide array of industries: from consumer electronics, health care, telecommunications, financial, security software, and more. The ability for companies to customize Virtual Agent content, as well as the style of the conversation makes these self-service applications the perfect solution for any business in any industry, especially during peak seasons.  

In the future, will Virtual Agents be able to interpret symptoms and make a diagnosis? Can a Virtual Agent act as an advice nurse during hours when a human is unavailable? Tell us what you think.