Thursday, April 2, 2015

Self-Service Solution Offer Support in Multiple Languages

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Becoming a globally recognized brand takes more than having an awesome product/ service, the company needs to provide exceptional customer support to all their consumers as well. This might come as a challenge when you have consumers all over the world who speak different languages. Hiring agents that can speak different languages can get costly, and frankly, its not practical.

One way to break down language barriers between you and your consumers is by implementing a Virtual Assistant. One of the many unique features of Virtual Assistants is the capability to support almost any language (single- or double-byte languages). We have talked about the importance of being able to communicate to your customers in their native language in the past and as a company, noHold is always trying to expand our capabilities. We are excited to announce that we  now support Virtual Assistants in two new languages: Polish and Turkish. (In addition to our already live Virtual Agents in Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Dutch.)

Do you think having a multilingual support strategy is important? Why or why not? If yes, what is it for your company?