Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Interactivity with a Twist

When you and I have a conversation, the dialog is fluid. I might make a statement, and then you might ask for clarification. When implementing a Virtual Assistant (VA), the idea is to replicate (as much as possible) human interaction. The implied objective is to pass the Turing Test, where you and I may not know the difference between chatting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. interacting with a person. I agree. However, we have to ask ourselves: What is the purpose of the VA we are trying to create? If the goal is chatting to entertain, then it should be architected to pass the Turing Test. But most of the time, customers require a VA that must complete a task, or perform a specific job such as solving a technical problem, or helping a user choose the best product based on a specific need. In this case, efficiency may have to be prioritized over human-like dialog. 

Check out this video to hear my take on interactivity with a twist. 

This is my view based on creating various types of VAs with very specific company goals over the last 16 years. You can click here to contact noHold to learn more -- or message me on Linkedin.