Thursday, March 3, 2016

Setting Up a Virtual Assistant for Success: Prioritizing Positioning and Placement

The key to successfully deploying and maintaining an Enterprise Virtual Assistant is positioning. We have found Virtual Assistants that are easily accessible on websites compatible on any device and strategically promoted increase interactions, customer engagement and adoption, while reducing calls to the contact center.  

A top PC manufacturer was recently recognized for excellent web and social support, with a special kudos to their Virtual Assistant. The company has made positioning and placement of the Virtual Assistant a priority. The strategically placed Virtual Assistant has become a first line of support for customers seeking help through the web. 

Here is a compact list of some actions a top PC manufacturer takes to make the Virtual Assistant known by user:

1. Frequently Shares a Link via Twitter 

Image Source

Utilizing social media outlets to advertise the Virtual Assistant helps customers find support resources quickly and easily, while increasing visibility and adoption of the self-service tool. 

2. Includes a Link in Email Signatures

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When a customer does reach out to the contact center, the contact center agent email signature includes a link the the Virtual Assistant to encourage self-service adoption

3. Highlights a Link on the Technical Support Page

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Because the Virtual Assistant is geared toward technical support, a small description of the tool and a link are added to the support page. This helps customers better understand self-service, so they can make the choice to use it prior to other resources. Ultimately reducing the traffic to the Contact Center. 

Bottom line, if people don't know it exists; they wont use it. Making sure people learn about the self-service option is the best way to get consumers to use it as a resource. Positioning and placement play a huge role in making a Virtual Assistant seen. It is critical to prioritize positioning for success.