Thursday, February 25, 2016

noHold & Industry Experts Discuss How A.I. Will Improve Our Daily Lives

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February 25, 2016, MILPITAS, CA – noHold's CEO, Diego Ventura had the opportunity to attend RE-WORK’s Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco, last month. He moderated and participated in the panel discussion: How can Virtual Agents improve our daily lives? Panelists included experts from Airbnb,, and more. For the full list of participants, please visit

In his opening objective, Diego started with, “Virtual Agents [and Artificial Intelligence (A.I), in general] are becoming increasingly pervasive in our lives; think SIRI and Watson. When I started noHold, there was not even a name for Virtual Agents. The very fact that we are here today is proof of the incredible evolution that is affecting our industry.” He continued by saying, “We want to explore what might be the next evolution of Virtual Agents and how it will affect and improve our lives.”
Questions posed and discussed included:

  • How will we use Virtual Agents in the future?
  • Will they impact our homes? (Connected audio, devices, kitchen, etc.)
  • How will AI evolve to affect the way we plan our travel, meetings, and social events?
  • How will Virtual Assistants affect the Internet of Things (IoT) and vice versa?
  • What about an open architecture that allows Virtual Assistants to communicate with each other?

The potential application of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Agents (also called Virtual Assistants), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are groundbreaking. According to analysts and experts in the industry, A.I. is positioned to be the next industrial revolution. To learn more about this topic, and key takeaways from the panel discussion, please connect with Diego on Linkedin.

"My desire for the future of Artificial Intelligence is for companies to work together to create an open architecture that will allow clear communication between various expert systems. Ultimately, with the focus on creating a better experience that will only improve our lives," said Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold. "It was a privilege to discuss the future of AI with great minds from forward thinking companies."