Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Virtual Assistant Use Case for Legal

Every day, I am surprised at the new use cases that we discover related to Virtual Assistants (VAs). Recently, it was for the legal organization at a large, global corporation, with headquarters in Silicon Valley. A lawyer explained to me that it would be important for them to create a VA that can answer questions about sweepstakes. In some countries, gambling laws are very serious and if specific regulations are not followed, jail time could be a possibility. 

We are going to create a VA for the marketing organization, that will help companies avoid legal trouble. Here is an example: From a mobile device, an end user can express the need to create a sweepstakes. The VA will ask for information about the country, the value of the item, and then give specific suggestions on how to proceed. In this case, the VA helps the company to make sure employees are in compliance with everything they do. 

Check out this video for more on this topic. 
Use cases for Artificial Intelligence (VAs) come from real problems our customers are trying to solve. I'm looking forward to sharing more of these with you. You can click here to contact us -- We are happy to share best practices, based on our customers' success.