Monday, April 11, 2016

Interview with Manager of Consumer Electronics Virtual Assistant

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Judy is the sole manager of the Virtual Assistant used by a large corporation. Since the initial implementation of the Virtual Assistant, Judy has worked with noHold to create an awarded customer service tool. noHold asked to interview Judy to get a better understanding of how she has managed to maintain excellent customer service with the Virtual Assistant.

What do you think the key has been to your success?
Continuous review of customer queries to identify knowledge gaps and issues with Natural Language Processor (NLP) – primarily synonyms. 

What is your process?
I basically have a 2 step process.
First, I review all queries where the Virtual Agent (also known as Virtual Assistant) was unable to provide a response and determine if we actually have a solution within the Virtual Agent. If we do, then I work with Tom (noHold Knowledge Portal Specialist) to make improvements in the NLP, so these queries are directed to the correct solution. If there is no solution within the Virtual Agent, I try to determine if there is enough traffic to warrant creating a new solution.
The Second step is to review the top 50 keywords from our internal site search and see how the Virtual Agent responds to these keywords; making changes, if required. 

How often do you update the Virtual Assistant? 
Updates to the Virtual Assistant are pretty much made constantly between me and Tom reviewing the interactions. As far as adding content, we add new content as needed; probably, averaging 3-4 solutions a month. 

What content does the Virtual Assistant focus on?
Mostly technical support, but we are also adding in solutions about customer care.

How large is your team?
As far as managing the Virtual Assistant – just me. 

How much time do you devote to the Virtual Assistant?
Between 6-8 Hours a week. I would like to spend more time, but other responsibilities prevent me from doing so at this time.

What reports do you find helpful?
The monthly report card - that is very helpful in identifying some solutions that are under performing. I also use the “Phrase Report” under Maintenance as well as the “Search by Keyword” report. 

How do you use the voice of the customer?
I use Voice of the Customer to improve the website and content from site search. I share the information with content managers at the company, so that they can make changes as needed. It is great to be able to see how customers express issues in their own words. It gives you a perspective into how we could rephrase or adjust messaging to help better support our customers.   

Is data collect from the Virtual Assistant used in other departments? 
Absolutely! I use this to make some improvements in our site search as well as providing this information to our content team for use in creating Knowledge Base documents.

What feature or features are critical for making a world class Virtual Assistant? 
I think NLP, Procedure Guidance, and Synonyms are critical along with continual monitoring of the Virtual Agent.

--It was great to get some insider knowledge on the different elements it takes to maintain a Virtual Assistant for an award winning support team. For more information, or if you have specific questions, please contact noHold.