Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Virtual Assistant Placement Adjustments

Placement and positioning play a critical role in how end users interact with a Virtual Assistant. If an end user finds the Virtual Assistant on a product page the assumption is that the Virtual Assistant can answer questions about that product. To enhance the customer experience it is important to take this thought process into consideration. Most clients, when starting out, have a specific placement in mind. Typically, this results in the Virtual Assistant being positioned on one page of the company website. But in a recent review of Virtual Assistant interactions, usage of Virtual Assistants doubled when added to two specific types of pages: Product pages and Support pages. 

Although this worked for these companies, it is important to consider the content your Virtual Assistant contains to increase usage. Does it make sense for the Virtual Assistant to be there? Some may find that having a Virtual Assistant link consistently in the header will better provide service to their customers, while others will limit access to support or product pages.