Friday, May 20, 2016

How Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance the Construction Industry

man in construction hat looking at an iPad on a construction job siteAs we are approaching the middle of the year, we have all been hearing the hype about Artificial Intelligence. It is becoming a part of our every day lives without us realizing it. As Google, Apple, Facebook, and more big tech brands are investing in Artificial Intelligence, this technology is all around us. But as I've mentioned before, tech companies are not the only industry that is benefiting from AI/ Virtual Assistants. 

Recently, Diego Ventura, noHold's CEO, was invited to speak with Peggy Smedley on ConExpo-Con/Agg Radio. "As a new radio show voice for construction equipment technology, the podcasts will examine how manufacturers are developing technology that is rapidly enhancing efficiency and reducing operating and maintenance costs, all while maximizing peak performance levels" ( Diego will discuss how he foresees AI fitting into the construction industry.

He will call in to the show on May 31st at 10:30 AM CT. You can access the podcast by following this link and then clicking the 'Listen Live on Tuesday at 10am' link in the third paragraph. 

Have a great weekend!