Tuesday, July 5, 2016

MobileBeat 2016- How AI and Messaging Will Transform the App Paradigm


If you are in the San Francisco area on July 12th and 13th, VentureBeat (the leading source for news & perspective on tech innovation) is hosting an event called MobileBeat 2016. This two day event will have over 100 qualified speakers discussing all things AI. Some general themes will include: 
  • The messaging revolution
  • How brands are using bot strategies to grow
  • Other innovative mobile engagement strategies
It is evident that Artificial Intelligence is growing . Tech giants such as Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM and more are heavily investing in AI. With this conference, the focus is towards how the mobile world will be impacted by AI. 

"A new paradigm is rocking the mobile world. It's the unstoppable shift to AI and intelligent messaging (i.e. chatbots), away from apps as we know them. It's changing the way we use our devices, and it's allowing brands to intercept customers with more immediacy and ease than ever."

For more information on MobileBeat 2016 or to register online, please click here.