Thursday, September 29, 2016

noHold Introduces New Agile Deployment Approach

Empowering Businesses to Create Customer-Centric Virtual Assistants in One Week

September 29, 2016, MILPITAS, CA – Recently, noHold introduced a new feature to its AI platform called Agile Deployment Approach. This feature allows companies to go live with a Virtual Assistant in as short as one week. Agile Deployment Approach differs from the traditional deployment procedure because of its quick implementation, metrics driven content, and strategic positioning.

A typical Virtual Assistant implementation would take about 6 calendar weeks. Using the Agile Deployment Approach it only takes one week to go live with a Virtual Assistant that has the basic components of escalation, etiquette, and metrics. This ‘bare’ Virtual Assistant is strategically positioned on the website to prompt users to ask questions without expecting a direct answer.

During this first phase, metrics are collected, while end users are provided an escalation option to a human; leaving the end user experience intact. Each week the Virtual Assistant learns more and more. For example, by the following week the Virtual Assistant will be able to intelligently escalate based on end users queries, rather than provide the generic escalation route. Furthermore, the Virtual Assistant will be able to identify the top 10 user questions, and content can be created for those questions. Gradually, more content will be imported and integrations can be made. 

This new feature is being used by several of our current customers. There are two main advantages to this approach including
  • Expediency- the obvious benefit is that companies are able to hit the ground running, going live with a Virtual Assistant in a matter of one week.
  • Relevancy- the advantage of creating a Virtual Assistant based around direct customer input is that the Virtual Assistant tends to be naturally relevant to your audience from the beginning.

“The Agile Deployment Approach paradigm is very similar to the one we experience every time we hire someone new. We hire someone intelligent, well mannered, and who can contribute to the team, but at the start, they are not entirely knowledgeable about the business yet. Same concept holds true when implementing a Virtual Assistant,” says Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold. “You start with a fully capable Virtual Assistant, and with time and experience, it continues to grow and improve.”

Also, please note that on October 20th Andrea Sahli, Implementation Manager at noHold, will be speaking at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event in Houston, Texas.