Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Case Study: Leader in Security Software Increases Sales by Providing a Virtual Agent

"The use of noHold technology for both sales and support has resulted in a cleaner, enhanced Customer journey and is a revenue generator. We are pleased with the Customer Satisfaction rating the v-agent sustains. We continue to add new domains as we release additional products and services."
- VP of Customer Care for a leading security software manufacturer

A leader in the security software market pioneered freemium security software products. The company needed a way to support as well as offer upgrades to millions of prospects.

“Ask Julia” is a preferred self-service channel that offers a full 360 experience for the customer. She provides support and sales information for both personal support and mobile support sites. As the company continues to grow its products portfolio, "Ask Julia" will remain an essential part of the customer experience ecosystem.

Supporting Metrics:
• Purchasing data shows tens of thousands of dollars in revenue solely from the Virtual Agent on the support site.

• Increase in sales by offering options to upgrade, purchase additional licenses, and buy Express Install. Based on Virtual Agent metrics, 10% of “Ask Julia” interactions result in eStore referrals each month.

• Increase in revenue by using the “Power Pane” to promote Premium services. “Ask Julia” for support promotes Express Install service. By offering customers the option for premiere services, Julia captures 2% clicks per month to Express Install offering.

• Average 1% buy now clicks, and 10% ‘more info’ clicks per month.