Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday: From the iMac to iHeadphones? How Will Apple Join the Wearable Device Market

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Check out the throwback photo above of a popular cartoon promoting Apple's iMac G3. But have you ever wondered why most Apple products have the letter "i" in front of the name? (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc.)

It all started in May of 1998 when the iMac was first announced (iMac G3 Introduced). The infamous lower case "i" is said to have stood for "Internet", meaning their products were Internet-friendly, which was a big deal back when PC's were first gaining popularity.

Today, it is used as more of a brand recognition strategy (Apple Support Communities). People all over the world associate "iAnything" as an Apple product right away. 

In more recent news, there is on-going buzz about Apple and their potential acquisition of Beats by Dre, the major mogul of high quality audio technology. But the big question is still, "Why?" Why would Apple spend 3.2 billion dollars on audio technology? 
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One thought is that they are in the process of developing "iHeadphones", or in other words, Internet connected headphones that can connect to your phone through WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity and stream music straight to your headphones with quality sound. “If Apple can incorporate the Beats product into its wearable computing system...then the deal could pose a threat to Google, Facebook, and other companies that are forging ahead on smart glasses and watches,” according to Time. (Who will Apple BEAT with Beats-Apple deal: 4 Things Apple Could Do)

What do you think about Apple's potential acquisition and how it plays a role in the Internet of Everything phenomenon? In the future, will a Virtual Agent -think Siri- be able to respond through wireless headphones (like Beats) and read back your emails, or send your friend a text saying your running a little late? How will all of these separate wearable devices play well together?