Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Virtual Agent Tips and Tricks: Gaining Important Customer Insight by Embedding Surveys into Virtual Agent Solutions

One of the best ways to gain insight into how your product/service is doing on the market is by going directly to the consumer for feedback. Surveys are a great example of that. They can be a useful way to get inside the mind of your consumers and adapt to your audiences’ desires. On the flip side, surveys can be harmful to your business if used incorrectly.

One problem with surveys is most people don’t take the time to fill them out unless they are extremely dissatisfied or extremely satisfied. We always hope for the latter, but more often than not, people that take them have something negative to say. This takes me back to a personal experience I had while eating at a local franchise restaurant. The restaurant had these new kiosks placed at every table that were used to order drinks, appetizers, play games ($$), and pay for your bill (assuming you were paying with a credit/debit card). The waitress was very friendly, our food came out quickly and just how we ordered it. All-in-all I would say it was a great experience, but was I going to take the time to go to a website that was printed on my receipt to take a survey about that experience? Probably not. That being said, we had paid the bill via the new table top kiosk and at the end, a few questions popped up asking about my stay. Almost automatically I answered the questions, simply because it was right in front of me. The simplicity and ease of the survey made it appealing instead of an annoyance.  

This was a great strategy to get more people to share their thoughts on products (food) and services. Using that same concept, companies from various industries (e.g. PC, consumer electronics, telecommunications, etc) can gain knowledge of their customers' experience, too. Embedding quick surveys into Virtual Agent solutions is one of those ways to encourage users to complete surveys. For example, at the end of an interaction, the Virtual Agent can launch a quick survey automatically and guide them through it step-by-step. Doing so, gives your company more insight and creates a positive, interactive experience for the user; a win-win situation.