Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can a Virtual Agent Decide What Kind of Tablet Best Fits Your Personality?

Photo Credit: stores.macmall.com
We have all seen the fun, social quizzes typically on Facebook to find out, “What Star Wars Character is Most like You?” or “Who is Your Perfect Literary Boyfriend/Girlfriend?” Once in a while, we come across one that strikes our interest and we get pulled in to take it.

Many popular brands use these types of quizzes to engage their audience, and promote sharing among friends via social media. By doing so, brands are able to create a unique experience, increase engagement, while spreading brand awareness to prospective clients without having to do it directly themselves.

One way to implement quizzes is through a Virtual Agent. Using fun quizzes as a part of the Virtual Agent experience will encourage more users to interact. A core part of the technology used for a Virtual Agent is its ability to provide an interactive and diagnostic experience for users. Meaning, it can take the answers from the quiz, and using logic, turn them into meaningful metrics. For example, a company in the consumer electronics industry that is focusing on tablet sales can include a quiz in the Virtual Agent that might ask, “What Kind of Tablet Best Fits Your Personality?” Take the photo above: an Apple superstore created a quiz, "Which iPhone 5s Color Are You?" People were interested in taking the survey, increasing engagement, and participants were encouraged to buy the product they thought best suited them according to the results. By incorporating a fun quiz into the Virtual Agent experience, you create 'stickiness', promote sharing, while capturing actionable customer intelligence, among other benefits. 

Tell us how your company leverages quizzes to increase customer engagement. Have you thought about using a Virtual Agent as a customer experience companion?