Monday, June 2, 2014

Virtual Agents Can Provide 'How To' Videos for Visual Learners

Last week, we talked about embedding surveys into Virtual Agent solutions to encourage users to complete a survey by making it more fun and interactive. The same concept about embedding surveys into Virtual Agents can be applied for 'How To' videos, as well.  

It is estimated that about 65% of the entire population are visual learners (Prime Infographics). Most people prefer to see how something is done rather than read about it. Knowing this, we need to adapt self-service support solutions to include options for all types of learners.  

Take the video above for example. In this video, by Donald Bell from CNET, he demonstrates how to take your old PC data and store it in the cloud. Since this is a hot topic now, a lot of people will be asking, "How do you do this?" Explaining this process through text only can be confusing to some and a bit lengthy, but adding a 'How To' video into the Virtual Agent solution, it offers supplementary information that can aid in the support process. In addition, the Virtual Agent makes finding videos much easier than traditional search. By positioning the video as part of a solution, end users can play a short clip and visualize how to fix their problem. 

Here is an example of a Virtual Agent that provided the answer to a question AND a supplementary instruction video. 

Note: In this example, the Virtual Agent being used is SalesAdvisor. A Virtual Agent designed to educate, advise, and cross-sell to prospective customers in real-time. 

How does your company make it easy for customers to find video solutions? Does typical search retrieve a list of potential solutions where the customer has to 'guess' which visual is the answer to his/her questions?