Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Virtual Agent Tips and Tricks: "How Do I Check for Outages in my Area?"

"How do I check the status of my order?" "How do I log into my new router?" Consumers always have 'how to' questions, such as these, when dealing with any company, regardless of the industry. Each company has the power to provide immediate answers to these questions, while increasing customer satisfaction. 

The inspiration for this blog came from an article titled, 12 Ways to Improve Android Battery Life. It got me thinking about all the cutting edge, lesser known features that gadgets have, that most people don’t know how to use. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about embedding 'how to' videos into Virtual Agent responses to visually represent the solution to an issue, but Virtual Agents are equally used for supplying ‘how to’ solutions via a conversation.

Using the article mentioned above as an example, the user wanted to know how to improve the battery life of the Android phone. Instead of searching through articles online, a more direct and interactive way to find out would be to ask a Virtual Agent. The Virtual Agent can then give you a list of steps on how to save the life of your battery, in real time.

Also, finding cool new ‘how to’ hacks for a new device is social currency and encourages sharing with friends and family. “Hey, did you know your device can do this?!” You can easily share the solution(s) you found with your social audience directly through a sharing mechanism that can be embedded into the Virtual Agent.

What are some of the most commonly asked ‘how to’ questions? Are the solutions difficult to find and share, or are they presented in a conversational manner (even without the assistance of a live person)? How does your company make 'how to' questions an interactive experience for your customers?