Monday, July 7, 2014

Cruise: Highway Autopilot System Mounts on Existing Cars

Recently, a small start up company, called Cruise, announced their first version of a highway autopilot system. This product is more advanced than cruise control, but not an entirely self-driving car on its own. Take a look at the video from TechCrunch's YouTube  demonstrating Cruise in action.      

It may seem similar to Google's current self-driving car project, but Cruise beat Google to the market. Google's efforts are not for nothing though, "because of Google, people are ready. Ten years ago, people would've said that this is science fiction. But now, they're not asking if, but when. There's a perception that self-driving cars are coming and people are expecting them" (A Little Startup Called Cruise From The Socialcam, Twitch Founders is Tackleing Self-Driving Cars Too). With continued research and new products on the market, you can tell that large name brands are embracing the consumer's demand for automation.