Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Happy Independence Day!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, people are getting in the holiday spirit: Grills are heating up, swimming pools are crystal clear, and fireworks are in place (with safety precautions taken, of course!). 

But before we start leaving the office for this three day weekend, I wanted to share a quick blog about how technology/computers are being used this Fourth of July to keep the public a little bit more safe. For example, an audio monitoring network will be used to regulate celebratory gunfire. What shooters think to be an innocent act of honor/celebration can turn to be very dangerous and law enforcement is preparing for the high volume of shots this year for Fourth of July. "To help deter this gunfire, several police departments across the U.S. will be using a high-tech gunshot detection system to pinpoint the location and moment a firearm is discharged" (US Police Go High Tech to Tackle Fourth of July Celebratory Gunfire). By utilizing this technology, police are able to differentiate between gunfire and fireworks more accurately, and respond to the scene quicker than if a bystander called it in. 

Some other notable moments in tech history this month
  1. MIT's Whirlwind allows keyboard input to the machine. "MIT's Whirlwind which has been completed five years earlier, becomes the first computer in the world to allow its users to enter commands through a keyboard. Previously, all input was accomplished through dials, switches, and/or punch cards" (Keyboards and Computers, Together at Last).
  2. IBM introduces their first desktop computer to the world, Datamaster. Intended for small business use, and for end-users to be able to set it up without the need for a computer specialist. Soon after, they released the IBM PC recycling much of the knowledge they used to create the Datamaster (IBM's First Desktop Computer).

All-in-all, there have been some major milestones in tech history this month, but more importantly, major moments in US history. We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Happy Fourth of July!
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