Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Agent

I recently read an article titled, "11 Tips to Get the Most Out of Siri." In this article, Dan Graziano from CNET demonstrates some lesser known features of Apple's Virtual Assistant Siri. For example, you can let Siri know that 'Stacy' is your mom, so when you ask Siri to 'text my mom', Siri recognizes who you are talking about. 

Inspired by this article, I wanted to let you in on a few of our tips/best practices to get the most out of your Virtual Agent...

1. Use social media to market your Virtual Agent to your audience as a great way to stay connected. With more than half the population on social media (Social Networking Statistics), quick tweets and updates can promote self-service. Companies across multiple industries have discovered that sending quick messages to a connected audience is a great way to spread awareness and remind clients that self-service is available 24x7. For more info on this topic, read "Virtual Agent Tips and Tricks: Now Trending....#VirtualAgents"  

2. Another tip is to turn your partner program into a revenue generator Extending the Virtual Agent to them will build a stronger relationship with them all while seeing an increasing ROI. 

3. Start embedding 'how-to' videos into Virtual Agent solutions. It is good to have multiple media options within the Virtual Agent to best accommodate the needs of all individuals. In addition, the Virtual Agent makes finding videos much easier than traditional search. By positioning the video as part of a solution, end users can play a short clip and visualize how to fix their problem.    

4. Utilize a Virtual Agent to enhance your product's user manual. User manuals tend to be cumbersome, but creating a more interactive and diagnostic manual (with a Virtual Agent) will make it more user-friendly and quicker to find the information you need. 

5. Implement a 'Care Virtual Agent' in addition to the traditional support VA. Excellent customer care is a key factor in satisfying your audience and encouraging them to remain loyal. When they have a question about shipping information, it is important to be able to find a solution as quickly as possible, on their own terms. 

These are just a few tips/best practices that we have learned over the many years of being a leader in the industry. How do you get the most out of your Virtual Agent? Do you have any other 'tips' about Virtual Agents or self-service to add to this list?