Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Four out of Five Users Prefer Using a Virtual Agent to Traditional Support Options

Last month, we mentioned that noHold is conducting A/B testing to measure user preference when it comes to support site options. [Click here to read the full blog describing the testing.] After analyzing the data collected thus far, we found that four out of five users prefer using a Virtual Agent (VA) as a first line of support, compared to a brand's current (non-interactive) support options (e.g. FAQ's, phone numbers, email, etc).

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Sometimes clients come to us for a Call Center Virtual Agent only (employee-facing). There are great advantages to implementing a VA in the Call Center. It can reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) by up to 15%, and improve training and consistency within the Call Center, but knowing the majority of users chose the Virtual Agent as their preferred first line of defense for support, validates to our clients the need to make Virtual Agents available to their customers as well. Here's an example; a leader in the security software industry is broadening the reach of their Virtual Agent from being used by Call Center agents only to implementing a customer-facing VA. This way, customers have the option to find the answers to their own questions, reducing the volume of calls to the Call Center and thus decreasing costs. 

Let us know what your experience with a Virtual Agent was like? Did you prefer the interactive approach the Virtual Agent offered? How did it compare to 'old-school' (traditional) support options?