Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dell Recognized as Top Player in Web & Social Support by LAPTOP Magazine

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It's about that time of year when LAPTOP Magazine releases its Tech Support Showdown article, 2015. Overall, it was interesting to see how this years showdown had a major shift in focus toward the importance of excellent online support. "This year, we noted a general trend toward online-only or online-focused support and away from traditional phone service. In fact, in some cases, the only way to get an answer (or, in some cases, a correct answer) to a question was to go online." (Tech Support Showdown 2015: Who Wins, Who Loses)

One company that should receive recognition for its high score in online and social support is Dell. Through the year, Dell has made significant efforts to try and make its support site easier to navigate, and with a score of 53.25 out of 60 (the second highest score for web support), it is fair to say its efforts have paid off.

According to the review, "the Interactive Support Agent (the Ask a Question button) proved very useful." As leading analyst firms are suggesting, Virtual Assistant technology (self-service) is quickly becoming the preferred channel for consumers. Dell has embraced this trend, and implemented its Virtual Assistant so users can utilize an intuitive self-service option that guides them to the answers they need, in the easiest way possible.  This experience is starting to take the place of static FAQ's and never ending lists of 'relevant' articles from basic search. The Virtual Assistant provides a diagnostic and interactive experience that is as close to human as possible, without the actual need for human intervention. A win-win for both end users and the company.

Quote. "The Interactive Support Agent (the ask a Question button) proved very useful."
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Also within the article, LAPTOP Magazine mentions
  • The ease of the 'Hot Topics' list - conveniently located list of topics that consumers have found most helpful. Includes trending topics such as Cortana, Windows 10, etc.
  • Embedded media - Users have found embedded media (i.e. photos, videos, etc) to be very helpful when understanding a solution. 
  • Completeness - The Virtual Assistant lead the user to the correct answer they needed, with bonus information as well. 

Screenshot of Virtual Assistant interface
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Kudos to Dell for understanding what its customers want, and executing the support site in a way that consumers find helpful!