Friday, December 4, 2015

Guidelines to Driving Self-Service Adoption

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Did you know, "70 percent of all software adoption efforts fail" ( Getting customers and/or employees to adopt new technology tools can be like pulling teeth. It is human nature to resist change, but there are ways to combat this resistance and get people to see the benefits of adopting new technology. 

With 15+ years of experience under our belt, we have learned some helpful tips and tricks to increasing adoption of new, or already existing technology. For this instance, we created an infographic specific with tips to increasing adoption of self-service tools, but most of the tips can be overlapped to increasing any sort of software adoption. Take a ride through some of the methods that we have seen drive self-service adoption.

One tip I want to emphasize the importance of is the positioning of the self-service tool is key. As mentioned in the infographic, 40% of customers that contact the call center tried to find a self-service tool first. We have witnessed consumer usage increase significantly for companies using our Virtual Assistant (VA) technology when they simply position the VA one of the forefront options of their support sites, making it easier to find and more likely to use. Accessibility is crucial for positive adoption of self-service tools; being mobile-friendly, sharing links via social media, etc. are all great ways to help accomplish this. 

Has your company come up with other ways that have worked in increasing software adoption? We would love to hear about them, or if you would like more information about self-service adoption, please contact us via the web.