Friday, January 15, 2016

4 Customer Service Predictions for 2016

How is technology going to grow in 2016? What is the world going to look like? How is my life going to change? These are questions that many try to answer with predictions for the new year. We have taken some time to review several opinions and find theses predictions about customer service to be interesting:  

1.The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are going to play a crucial part in customer experience
The fast growing development of "smart" products is leading to a change in the way individuals interact with products and companies. Imagine a future that will allow you to get technical support from the product itself.

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2. Excellent Customer Service will require innovative technology.
Customer tastes are changing when looking for answers. It is important for companies to differentiate themselves with new technologies to help customers find solutions on their own terms. A new technology that is gaining popularity is video conferencing.

3. Outsourcing will become necessary for companies that want to maintain high levels of Customer Satisfaction. 
BPOs are going to play an important part in customer service in 2016. Corporations will need to outsource their customer service initiatives to BPOs to adapt to the growing market.

4. Personalization is key.

Customer data that is integrated into customer service operations is going to be more dynamic this year. Meaning that companies will be able to provide customers with a more comprehensive experience leading to increased customer satisfaction, better understanding of the customer base, and more efficient business operations.

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Companies that want to stay on top of their customer service game will need to prepare for the Internet of Things, acquire new technology, rely on BPOs, and personalize the customer experience. 

Let us know what your thoughts are on these predictions and please share any predictions you find interesting. 

Something Extra:

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) released Five Tech Trends to Watch- 2016 edition. CTA recognizes Virtual Assistants as a key player in the tech space. "The race for better search interfaces is on, and developers see personal assistants as the main focus. Many consumers are already familiar with using the personal assistant on their phones, with four out of 10 cellphone users reporting that they have used it at some time and 13 percent saying that they use it daily. These rates will likely increase as personal assistants improve at delivering information and completing tasks." 

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