Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Search Paradigm is Shifting, Are You Ready?

For the past two decades, the Search paradigm has dominated the person-computer interaction. Companies such as Google have led the way with their minimalistic UI we all know, but we have noticed that this traditional Search paradigm leaves the responsibility of sorting through a long list of possible answers in the hands of end users, often resulting in a cumbersome experience.

This year, the person-computer interaction will shift from the traditional Search paradigm to a next-generation Search experience. There are 4 key ingredients to improving the end user Search experience: N.I.C.K.

1. Natural Language Processor (NLP)
2. Interactive
3. Context sensitive  
4. Knowledgeable

We call this new paradigm the Concierge. Check out this week’s video to learn more about N.I.C.K. 
To find out if N.I.C.K. (the concierge approach) works for your company, contact us to organize an A/B testing between your existing search paradigm and N.I.C.K. 

Best wishes in the coming year,