Wednesday, January 27, 2016

noHold’s A.I. Advancements in 2015

January 27, 2016, MILPITAS, CA –In 2015, many developments were made in the Artificial Intelligence market, specifically surrounding Virtual Assistants. “The Consumer Technology Association predicts that Virtual Assistants will become more heavily used, especially since major tech companies have announced that the technology programs have gotten more advanced. In terms of the user experience, there will be fewer taps, clicks and swipes as virtual assistants begin to make more tailored recommendations rather than merely supplying a list of links from a search engine” ( As the market remains on the rise, expecting to reach $3.07 billion by 2020 (, noHold is continuously making moves to improve self-service technology and enhance the customer experience.   

As the acknowledged leader in web based self-service solutions, noHold is excited to sum up some of the major successes of 2015 within the company.

§  noHold collaborated on a project with one of the top multinational companies that designs, manufactures, and sells network equipment. This project aimed to revolutionize the traditional Virtual Assistant paradigm by integrating with sophisticated back office systems and deeper understanding of complex problem resolution.

§  noHold was awarded the title of “2015 Cool Vendor in Business Process Services” by Gartner. As a highly respected analyst firm, noHold was honored to receive this recognition as an innovative SMB vendor with original technology foreseen to impact the market in a meaningful way.

§  noHold technology has grown with additional API connectors that can integrate the Virtual Assistant with various CRM systems, search engines, live chat, external databases, and communities & forums. The fruition of Single Point of Search is changing the way companies interact with their customers, having one place for customers to search multiple repositories of information simultaneously.

§  noHold Virtual Assistants can now provide users with a more personalized experience, and intelligently understand what information is given. Flexible Procedure Guidance allows companies to utilize self-service options, without sacrificing the humanistic element users expect.

§  Voice of the Customer (VoC) at your fingertips with Quadretto, the executive dashboard that provides information in real time about the performance of the Virtual Assistant such as most frequently asked questions, level of support for each issue, Virtual Assistant sessions organized by country, and more.  

§  In LAPTOP Magazine’s Tech Support Showdown 2015, one of the top PC Manufacturers (and long standing client of noHold) received top marks on their web & social support, with an honorable mention of their “interactive support agent” proving to be very useful.

“I will remember 2015 as the year where most of my meetings didn’t have to start with an explanation of what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is. VA’s are becoming part of our culture and we will continue to make sure they play a role that supports peace and love. Happy New Year!” – Diego Ventura, CEO and founder of noHold.

In addition, noHold's CEO, Diego Ventura, is speaking at the Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco on 1/28/16, at 1:50 PM. He will participate on the panel discussion "How Can Virtual Agents Improve Our Daily Lives." For more information, please visit: