Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit: noHold's Experience

To wrap up our final post to the Customer Journey Mapping series, I wanted to share with you the experience a few of us here at noHold had doing the Customer Journey exercise using the "Jake" story. 

A few of us gathered in the board room to complete the customer journey map. It was helpful to have a group of people to bounce ideas back and forth, and get different perspectives.

Dry erase markers, whiteboard eraser pens, post it note pads, and a laptop on a table

Together, we went through the 11 steps to creating a successful Journey Mapping experience. Here are some photos sharing our experience: 

Three women putting post it notes on a wall
Step 4: Writing down the emotions the customer (Jake) might feel during each phase of his journey.

Three women using green and red markers to mark a piece of paper
 Step 5: Vote for the moment that you feel is the most impactful, both negative and positive.

Three women standing around a whiteboard
 Step 8: Write out the wins or needs of the customer during that specific, impact moment

Two women think of ideas and writing them down on a whiteboard
Step 9/10: Determining the desired experience and ideas of how to achieve that desired experience.

After going through the steps, we concluded with step 11, proposing a new experience in a statement."This experience will address customers feeling frustrated waiting for live chat. We can accomplish this through improving agent resources, implementing a customer facing Virtual Agent, and scheduling a call back time. These changes will reduce wait times by 20% and increase customer satisfaction."

It was a great process to go through as a team to better understand what Customer Journey Mapping really is and how it enables us to better understand our customers. Let us know how your experience went in the comments below. What conclusions did you come up with? Did you face any challenges? 
For more information regarding customer journey mapping/customer care, please contact us

PowerPoint slides printed out and taped to the wall with a whiteboard in the background